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District Rainfall Forecast For Kerala and Lakshadweep  


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Temperature Anomalies over Kerala & Lakshadweep   

Realized 24 Hour Rainfall over Kerala (Archive)  

Total Rainfall over Kerala during Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May & Jun 2018  

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Second Stage Long Range Forecast for the 2018 Southwest Monsoon Rainfall  

Radar Images and Products from DWR TRV & DWR Kochi   

Meteogram of Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi  & Kozhikode 

T-PHI gram of Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi  & Kozhikode


Heavy Rainfall Warning:Heavy rainfall (7-11cm in 24 hours) is most likely to occur at one or two places in Kerala till the morning of 26th July 2018


Fishermen Warning for Kerala coast and Lakshadweep area   

For next 24 hours valid from 1400 Hours IST of 21st July 2018. 

Strong winds from westerly direction, speed reaching 35-45 kmph gusting to 65 kmph likely over Lakshadweep area & speed reaching 25-30 kmph gusting to 55 kmph along & off Kerala coast. Sea condition will be rough to very rough over Lakshadweep area and southwest, central & north Arabian Sea. Fishermen are advised not to venture into sea over Lakshadweep area and over Southwest, Central and North Arabian Sea

NOWCAST: 21.07.2018


Time of issue 2200 IST (Valid for next 3 hours)



Meteorological Centre, Thiruvananthapuram

Meteorological Centre, Trivandrum

METEOROLOGICAL CENTRE, Thiruvananthapuram caters to the  meteorological requirements of Kerala state and Lakshadweep Islands by  supervising and coordinating the weather services in the state.  Weather forecast (both aviation and non-aviation)  for optimum operation of weather sensitive activities like agriculture, irrigation, aviation etc. and   warnings against severe weather phenomena  (over the state and nearby sea area)  like heavy rains, thunderstorm, strong winds etc., which cause destruction to life and property  are rendered by this centre under the technical advice of Area Cyclone Warning Centre of Regional Meteorological Centre at Chennai. Necessary Meteorological services for air navigation, towards the safety of aircraft operation in the state, is provided by Airport Meteorological Office - the Aviation section of this office.

The Challenging task of  Weather forecasting is done effectively by taking meteorological observations (both at surface and in upper air) through about 16 observatories and about 79 raingauge stations all over the state and Lakshadweep Islands.  10 Surface observatories are maintained by IMD and the Part-time observatories and raingauge stations are located in the premises of State  Government Offices,  Railways and other organisations. The raingauge stations are maintained under District-wise Rainfall Monitoring Scheme (DRMS).   Accuracy of meteorological observations is ensured by periodical inspection of observatories and raingauge stations by this Centre.  Calibration of all instruments at observatories are checked at least once in two years. 15 automatic weather stations in Kerala and one in Lakshadweep Islands.  30 automatic raingauge stations in Kerala. The transmission of hourly data to HQ is carried out automatically through INSAT are also maintained by this office. 

8 synoptic surface observations at 3 hourly interval starting from 00 UTC and 2  upper air observations (00 & 12 hrs UTC) using hydrogen filled balloon bound radiosonde/ GPS sonde with meteorological sensors and 2 pilot balloon observations at 06 & 18 hrs. UTC  are taken by this office.  Continuous watch over weather events is effected through different self recording surface met. instruments.  The observational data of the above stations is collected  and transmitted along with the observations taken at this office immediately at each synoptic hour,  to our HQ at New Delhi through different modes of communication. HQ re-transmits the data pertaining to India and neighbouring countries to individual observatories.  Based on these data, plotting of surface and upper air charts are done.  Issue of daily weather forecast and severe weather warnings are done on the basis of the analysed weather charts and satellite imagery.

Agromet Advisory Unit is regularly issuing Agromet Advisory Bulletins twice a week for the benefit of the farming community in the state. Weather forecast, warnings and agromet bulletin are broadcast through AIR and Doordarshan.   

Continuous monitoring of earthquake is done by state of the art instruments.  Continuous monitoring of surface ozone,  measurement of solar & terrestrial radiation and recording of atmospheric electricity form some routine activities of this office.  Vertical distribution of atmospheric ozone is measured fortnightly by Ozonesonde ascents. 

Climatology section undertake the scrutiny and archival of meteorological data and use such data over a number of years for answering various weather related enquiries from different users for research and planning purposes.