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Meteorological Data Supply Portal - http://dsp.imdpune.gov.in/  is now operational.


Kindly visit following link for Data supply procedure, Data enquiry, Data availability, Tarifs etc.

Data Supply Portal


 Types of Meteorological Data      

  1. Rainfall (Hourly**, Daily, Monthly, Annual Etc.) 
  2. Temperature (Hourly**, Daily, Monthly, Maximum & Minimum Etc.) 
  3. Relative Humidity (Hourly**, Daily, Monthly)      
  4. Surface Wind speed and directions      
  5. Station Level/Mean Sea Level Pressure (Hourly**, Daily, Monthly) 
  6. Amount and types of clouds observed (Twice daily / 8 times daily**) 
  7. Various Weather phenomenon such as, visibility, occurrence of Thunderstorm etc.       
  8. Climate Normals based on 1961-2010 for Rainfall & 1981-2010 for other  data.
  9. Windrose diagrams for selected stations

** Available only for selected stations


Apart from the above data, there are various other special observation data is also available


Seimological data can be obtained from IMD at New Delhi .



Procedure to get the Data

Apply online through above DSP website link


Type & Frequency of data - For example, Daily Temperature, Monthly Rainfall, Hourly RH, Normal (Long-period average), Wind speed etc   
Period of Requirement of data - For example,  Jan 2019 to Dec  2019; Last 10 years Etc.
List  of Stations - Stations for which data is required

DATA REQUEST FORM for Current data 

All data related requests should be addressed to

The Head,
Meteorological Centre,
Vikas Bhavan P.O,
PIN 695 033  



            The charges for supplying weather report in connection with insurance claim is Rs.2800/- per day.  The Payment should be made through online using Non-tax Receipt Portal (NTRP) of Govt. of Inida. Instruction for using NTRP is in the link Instructions for making payment for supply of Meteorological Data   .  The application for weather report along with the payment receipt generated from the NTRP should be accompanied by a copy of letter from insurance company requesting for the weather report.


All the weather report requests should be addressed to

                   The  Head,
                   Meteorological Centre,
Vikas Bhavan (P.O),
                   Thiruvananthapuram – 695033, Kerala                 

Requests for weather reports pertaining to sea area may also be sent to

                   The  Head,
                   Meteorological Centre, 
                   Vikas Bhavan (P.O), 
                   Thiruvananthapuram – 695033, Kerala 

        For more information, Please contact through Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

          Phone  : 0471 2330025  extension 320 & 321